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WINNER will be making an August comeback with ‘Our Twenty For’

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WINNER will be making their comeback in early August of 2017 with the album, Our Twenty For.  The group released the first teaser image with the title of the album and the date, August 4, 2017 at 4:00 pm.

The image provided features palm trees, a flamingo floaty, sand, and a pool, with the members making their way towards the water.

What a perfect summer album!

Stay tuned for more!


UPDATE: WINNER revealed their title track for their comeback!  Their track will be called “Love Me Love Me” and will have a disco feel.  Lyrics were arranged by Yoon, Mino, and Hoony.  The song was composed by Yoon, Mino, and Future Bounce, and the track was arranged by Future Bounce.


UPDATE: WINNER will apparently be releasing 2 title tracks once again!  Their first title track, “Love Me Love Me” is a disco styled piece, while their second title track, “Island” is more of a dance hall tropical.

Check out the details below!


UPDATE: With only 4 days until the album release, the group has dropped a handsome teaser with some cute summer outfits!

winner-group-teaser-our-twenty-for-short-shortsUPDATE: WINNER keeps on giving with the next set of group teasers!

winner-our-twenty-for-group-teaser-midsummer-night-2017-2 winner-our-twenty-for-group-teaser-midsummer-night-2017-1

UPDATE: WINNER looks impossibly more handsome in their individual teaser images for Our Twenty For!

Kang-Seung-Yoon-winner-our-twenty-for Kim-Jin-Woo-winner-our-twenty-for Lee-Seung-Hoon-winner-our-twenty-for Mino-winner-our-twenty-for

UPDATE: The first music video teaser “Love Me Love Me” is here!  WINNER takes to the beach in their music video teaser!

UPDATE: The track list for WINNER’s upcoming album, Our Twenty For is here!  Check it out below!

winner-our-twenty-for-teaser-2017-track-list winner-our-twenty-for-teaser-2017-1

UPDATE: WINNER’s teaser for their track “Island” from Our Twenty For has us as the edge of our seats!  It will definitely be a fun bop track.

UPDATE: There’s no end to these breathtaking teasers from WINNER!  The group dropped another group teaser image and individual teaser images for each of the members.

Check them out below!

winner-mino-2017-our-twenty-for winner-hoony-2017-our-twenty-for winner-jinu-2017-our-twenty-for winner-yoon-2017-our-twenty-for winner-d-1-group-our-twenty-four-2017

UPDATE: WINNER releases two motion teasers for “Island” and “Love Me Love Me”.


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