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WM Entertainment announces JinE’s departure from Oh My Girl

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After a year of absence to treat her anorexia, JinE has decided to end her contract and officially depart from Oh My Girl.

According to the statement, the group was initially hopeful that JinE would be able to recover and return to perform and work with the group.  Unfortunately, during her recovery, she came to the conclusion that she wanted to look into a different career opportunity.

As a result, WM Entertainment officially announced her departure on October 30, 2017 on pleasant terms.

The group, JinE, and the company wish to express their gratitude for the love and support that the girl’s have gotten.  They will continue on as seven members and will be cheering on JinE as she pursues a new passion.

Wishing JinE and Oh My Girl the best of luck in future endeavors!


The group recently made their comeback with “Coloring Book” and released various versions of the track’s music video.

JinE departs Oh My Girl

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