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Kpop Music Videos XENO-T (Topp Dogg)

XENO-T Make Their Japanese Debut With The Music Video For “どこにいても”

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XENO-T (formerly known as Topp Dogg) made their Japanese debut with “どこにいても”!

The group has gone under quite a few changes since their release of “Rainy Day” in 2016.  After that release, various members departed from the group, and many of the remaining members took part on various survival shows.

Now, the remaining boys are back with their Japanese debut music video for their single “どこにいても”!

The boys take their performance sky high as they dance on the roof tops.  With wonderful dance moves and a hook that sneaks straight up on your, their new track is absolutely incredible.

Watch XENO-T’s debut single “どこにいても” below!

XENO-T どこにいても MV


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