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Yang Yoseop (양요섭) Releases Breathtaking Star (별) Music Video

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Yang Yoseop(양요섭) has released a breathtaking music video for his latest track “Star(별)”.

The song was released on February 12th as a single. The first thing to note when watching this video is that it is in a league entirely its own. As many stunning music videos, vocalists, and songs as there are in this world, there is nothing quite like this one. “Star(별)” is an incredibly powerful song, with an outstanding range of notes, tone, and emotional drive. All of which appears to be no issue for this outrageously talented artist.

The music video itself may seem a touch simple in comparison to the song, as most of the video takes place in a field of pure white snow with a pale blue sky. As well as on some sort of peer with the continuation of the pale blue and white color scheme. The video also features key close-ups and gorgeous shots of the artist in the midst of intense vocal portions of the song. Although the music video has a simple, yet aesthetic, approach to it, this allows the song itself to shine through with very little distraction. We as an audience are able to truly appreciate the talent that is required to perform such an incredible song.

Experiencing this music video is truly wonderful. I use “experiencing” because that’s truly what we as an audience have been provided, an experience. This is no mere music video, this is a piece of art and should be appreciated as such.

Have you watched the “Star(별)” music video yet? If not you can watch it below, and don’t forget to let us know what you think!

Yang Yoseop Star


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