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YG Entertainment releases statement regarding BIGBANG’s T.O.P smoking marijuana

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BIGBANG’s T.O.P was accused of smoking marijuana on June 1, 2017 based on a positive test result from his hair follicle.  He was handed over to prosecutors last April for charges regarding the use of the drug.

The official police statement reads that he smoked at his home in Seoul in October with a female acquaintance.  A tip was sent to the police in March and he was tested while in police officer training, and tested positive.

The following investigation had him denying charges with the statement “I only smoked electronic cigarettes and I didn’t know it was marijuana.”

YG Entertainment has spoken up regarding the incident;

“Hello. This is YG Entertainment. Firstly, we relay our deepest apologies. After confirming with T.O.P, we have confirmed that as reported, during his military service, he was summoned to be investigated for smoking marijuana before his enlistment. He has finished with all of the investigations diligently, and in the investigation process, he has admitted to most of the allegations and is reflecting deeply. We are sorry once again for worrying many people.”

What is even more concerning for many is that the female acquaintance is just a trainee.  She is currently being investigated as well and tested positive.

Stay tuned for more.

UPDATE: More details have been provided about the female acquaintance  that smoked with T.O.P.

Based on the reports, the trainee was Han Seo He who was a former contestant on Birth of a Great Star 3.  When she was on the show, she received a good amount of attention and offers from various agencies and signed with one in June of 2015.  She terminated her contract after a month due to personal reasons and the agency stated that they’ve had no contact with her since then.

Reports state that she started to use marijuana due to her continuously postponed debut and the stress that caused.  She was arrested in March and admitted to smoking.  During the questioning, she mentioned T.O.P, and when tested, he tested positive.

Also, the other member that was being tested in BIGBANG has been cleared.

UPDATE: T.O.P released a handwritten letter of apology.


This is Choi Seung Hyun (T.O.P’s real name).

First of all, I want to apologize with all my heart for disappointing many and causing a controversy through my fault.

I am too embarassed of myself even to apologize in person… I do not have an excuses and I have many regrets. I am now cautiously writing while I am afraid of everything…

I believe I should be rightly punished for hurting the members, the label, the public, the fans who cherished me, and my family in a way that cannot be fixed. My heart hurts, and I am very disappointed in myself.

I will look back on myself thousands of times and reflect and reflect and think on my actions…

I will not make the same irresponsible mistakes again.

I apologize once again for not being able to go apologize personally one on one to everyone, and I will reflect more deeply.

I am very embarassed of myself.

I’m sorry.

UPDATE: T.O.P has been dismissed from his current post in the police PR department, and it is likely he will be transferred to a more peripheral department.  Upon official prosecution notice, he will be removed from his post an sent home according to procedures.

He will still be considered a policeman, but time spent at home will not count towards mandatory service.  If he is sentenced over 18 months, he will be discharged forcible, but otherwise, if it is shorter or he is found not guilty, he will finish the service upon release.


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