Cross Gene Ying Yang Album Overview by One Stop K-Pop

Cross Gene Ying Yang

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On June 29, 2016, Cross Gene released their first full-length Japanese album, Ying yang.  The album consisted of 14 songs, including the title song “Ying Yang”.  The album peaking on the Japanese charts at 12.

The album opens with “Keep On Dancing”, a striking opener with a definite EDM feel.  The heavy beat works well with the raps and vocals and really sets the stage for the album.  “Ying Yang” has a casual hip-hop feel with snaps keeping beat with the synthetic pounding behind the vocals.

There’s a heavy use of auto-tune in this song, which works well with the overall tone.  Probably one of my favorite songs on the tracklist is “Love Game”.  It has that classic dance feel, with a catchy beat and hook.  “Amazing” follows the EDM trend with heavy beats and auto-tuned vocals as well.

The piano in “Stay By My Side” was absolutely beautiful, especially when paired with the vocals.  The song just had a sweet feel to it.  I loved the repetition of the english lyrics behind the actual vocals. Shooting star brought the beat up slightly from the prior track, with a heavy, but slow beat.  The chorus brought the beat up to make it more a dance track.

“Dreamer” starts with the fun “na-na-na” hook then moves straight into the song.  It’s a fun song with a loud base and fun chorus.  “Crazy” has one of the catchiest hooks on the entire album and is another great dance track.  “No No No” has the same dance feel but slows down right before the main portion of the chorus only to speed back up.  The tenth track, “AURORA” has a very sweet, almost love song feel, with sweet vocals and piano.

“Future” is probably the cutest track on the album, hands down.  It has an almost One Direction sort of vibe and is extremely playful.  “sHi-tai!” gave me a disco vibe even before I found the afro music video they have.  It’s a playful song with an old-school feel.  “Love & Peace” is a sweet track with an uplifting tune.  The album ends with “Letter” , a sweet track with absolutely lovely lyrics!

Track List

01. Keep On Dancing

02. Ying Yang

03. Love Game

04. Amazing

05. Stay By My Side (そばにいて)

06. Shooting Star

07. Dreamer


09. No No No


11. Future

12. sHi-tai!

13. Love & Peace

14. Letter (手紙)

Cross Gene Ying Yang Album Overview