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YMC Entertainment Issues Warning To Wanna One Fans Harassing The Group

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Once again, the poor boys of Wanna One seem to be victim to another wave of over enthusiastic followers.

While most people can discern when too much is truly too much, some fans just take it too far.  YMC Entertainment issued yet another statement warning fans to take it easy.

The company stated that some people acquired the boy’s personal information illegally and were using it to contact them day and night, which caused difficulties for the group.  The stress caused by constantly being contacted, followed, and tormented by those that acquired the information is proving to be taxing on the group’s mental health.

They also stated that harassing members, staff, or even going so far as to install tracking devices on the artist’s vehicles is, obviously, frowned upon.  They concluded by asking them to cease and desist.

See the original statement below:



Wanna One에게 아낌없는 응원과 사랑을 보내주신 모든 Wannable 여러분께 진심으로 감사의 말씀을 드립니다.

이미 몇차례 유사 공지를 드린적 있으나 지나친 행동으로 Wanna One멤버들에게 피해를 주는 일부 팬분들에게 당부의 말씀드립니다.

최근 Wanna One 멤버들의 개인정보를 불법적으로 취득하여 밤낮없이 연락을 시도하는 일부 팬들로 인하여 Wanna One 스케줄에 지장을 초래함은 물론 멤버들의 수면, 개인 일상 등의 생활 자체가 불가함에 이르러 아티스트가 극심한 정신적 스트레스를 호소하고 있습니다.

아티스트에게 전화 연락을 시도하거나
문자 및 모바일 메신저를 이용해 메시지를 보내는 등의 행동은 한 개인의 일상에 해가 되는 것임을 정확히 인지하시고, 아티스트의 소중한 삶을 망가뜨리는 행위를 멈춰 주시기를 간곡히 요청 드립니다.

더불어 소속사 직원에게 Wanna One 멤버들의 안위를 빌미로 협박 및 허위사실을 전달하거나 차량용 위치 추적 장치를 설치하여 비공개 스케줄에 찾아오는 등의 행동은 아티스트의 스케줄에 지장을 초래하고 안전을 위협하는 일이 될 수 있으므로 삼가 부탁드립니다.

더 이상 Wanna One 멤버들이 일부 팬들의 옳지 못한 행동으로 정신적인 고통을 받지 않도록 부디 많은 여러분의 협조 부탁드립니다.


And the rough translation:


This is YMC entertainment.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Wannable for their generous support and love for Wanna One.

I have made similar announcements several times, but I do advise some fans of the harm they can do to my Wanna One members by acting excessively.

Recently, fans illegally obtained personal information of members of Wanna One and they have been trying to contact some fans day and night. Due to that fact that their schedule is disrupted and members ‘ sleep, personal life is stressful, etc.

Try calling the artist or see if they can make any calls
We want you to know exactly how harmful it is to a person’s daily life to send a message using text and mobile messengers and to stop damaging the artist’s precious life.

Moreover, threatening and misleading members of Wanna One’s team or installing a tracking device for their car may interfere with the schedule of the artist and cause a threat to privacy.

Please do not let any of your Wanna One members suffer mental pain from incorrect behavior by some fans.

Thank you.

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