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Yongguk and Shihyun team up for first mini album ‘the.the.the’

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Yongguk, going by the name Longguo, and Shihyun revealed their release schedule for their first mini album, the.the.the set to release on July 31, 2017!


July 24, 2017 – Album Cover, Track List, Concept Photo

July 25, 2017 – Concept Photo

July 26, 2017 – Audio Snippet

July 27, 2017 – Music Video Teaser 1

July 28, 2017 – Music Video Teaser 2

July 29, 2017 – Fan Meeting at 19:00

July 31, 2017 – V-Live/Album Talk and Release

UPDATE: The duo released their track list and cover images for the.the.the.

The mini album will contain 6 songs including “Stay Here”, the title track “the.the.the”, “Love Taste” and “Wonderland”, as well as instrumental versions of “Stay Here” and “the.the.the”.

Check them out below!

yongguk-suhyun-the-the-the-cover-image-track-list yongguk-suhyun-the-the-the-cover-image-2 yongguk-suhyun-the-the-the-cover-image-1

UPDATE: The duo from Choon Entertainment’s Yongguk and Shihyun release more teaser images for the.the.the.

yongguk-longguo-sihyun-thethethe-2 yongguk-longguo-sihyun-thethethe-1

UPDATE: Yongguk and Shihyun released their highlight medley and a plethora of behind the scenes photos!

Check them all out below!

yongguk-sihyun-thethethe-naver-distpatch-behind-the-scenes-2017-12 yongguk-sihyun-thethethe-naver-distpatch-behind-the-scenes-2017-11 yongguk-sihyun-thethethe-naver-distpatch-behind-the-scenes-2017-10 yongguk-sihyun-thethethe-naver-distpatch-behind-the-scenes-2017-9 yongguk-sihyun-thethethe-naver-distpatch-behind-the-scenes-2017-8 yongguk-sihyun-thethethe-naver-distpatch-behind-the-scenes-2017-7 yongguk-sihyun-thethethe-naver-distpatch-behind-the-scenes-2017-6 yongguk-sihyun-thethethe-naver-distpatch-behind-the-scenes-2017-5 yongguk-sihyun-thethethe-naver-distpatch-behind-the-scenes-2017-4 yongguk-sihyun-thethethe-naver-distpatch-behind-the-scenes-2017-3 yongguk-sihyun-thethethe-naver-distpatch-behind-the-scenes-2017-2 yongguk-sihyun-thethethe-naver-distpatch-behind-the-scenes-2017-1

UPDATE: Check out the amazing music video teaser for Yongguk and Shihyun’s first duo track “the.the.the”.

UPDATE: The second music video teaser for “the.the.the” is here!  Their distinct personalities stand out in the track snippet the teaser.


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