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B.A.P’s Yongguk Release Surprise New Music Video For “Drunkenness”

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B.A.P’s Yongguk surprised fans with a brand new music video for his solo track “Drunkeness”.

The track was composed, produced, and written by Yongguk himself and shared on SoundCloud in 2016.  “Drunkenness” follows the ‘drunken’ man as he peruses his home and seems to drown his sorrows and other emotions in alcohol.  The lyrics follow suit as they discuss the emotions  after a break up of loneliness.

The music video has a darker vibe, without being depressing.  The soft tone and lack of lighting give it a melancholic feel.  Additionally, the video has a very simple vibe, giving it more of a ‘real life’ feel. It’s relatable for many.

Watch Yongguk’s new music video for “Drunkenness” below!

Yongguk Drunkenness mv


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