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Yoo Hoe Seung from Produce 101 will be joining the group N.Flying

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After participating in Produce 101, Yoo Hoe Seung will be joining the existing group N.Flying as their 5th member!

The leader of the group, Lee Seung Hyub posted to the group’s fan cafe stating “Both myself and the members, who really love N.Flying, have always wanted to improve musically.After a lot of thought, we decided to welcome Yoo Hoe Seung as N.Flying’s new member.”  He went on to say “It may be hard for our fans to accept the sudden news of a new member as you’ve become tired after two long years in which we haven’t made a comeback, but you’ll be able to see us go even farther, and we’ll work hard to make better music for you. This isn’t something we are doing lightly.”

They’ve collaborated before prior to his Yoo Hoe Seung’s appearance on Produce 101.

Stay tuned for more!


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