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YouTuber Edward Avila releases “Stay” produced byTrophy Cat

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When you think of the YouTuber Edward Avila, the first things that come to mind are makeup and his absolute love of Wonho of Monsta X.  While both things are quite relatable and make him beyond lovable, the music video he just released makes him even more lovable.

“Stay” was produced by Trophy Cat and features lyrics written by AOORA, Caroline King, 민기, and Edward Avila.

The video has a soft touch on the shots that give a hazy glow to each of the scenes.  It almost feels like we’re walking alongside him through his day to day!

Check it out below.


Sun goes down, the darkening night,
Becomes more and more lonely as the clock ticks on
This emptiness inside of me,
Is full of these wounds, still healing

In a dimly lit tunnel I’m exhausted by weak light,
So I close my eyes,
Please don’t let go of my hands


All alone, in the place that I suppose you’d call my mind
Please clear out the haze, with the light that,
Your heart’s shining on mine
When you open up the curtain and the light gives you a kiss
Like a sweet child with a broken heart

어두워 보이지않는 터널 속 저 작은 빛으로 향해
지쳐 눈 감아도 내 손을 놓지마

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