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B.A.P’s Zelo Drops New Solo Track Howler

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Zelo’s Howler beat!

Zelo, the maknae and rapper of B.A.P, has recently released a solo song on SoundCloud called Howler. This artist debuted in the Bang&Zelo sub-unit being only 15 years-old and has gone a very long way since. Also, he has already released songs on his own, such as No-Title and Shine.

This track was produced by DEZION, BeNos, and Devil Cat. It was mixed and mastered by Boost Knob. Zelo has created the melody and written the lyrics himself.

I was immediately surprised as I heard the beginning of the song. In fact, I checked I had clicked on the correct link since I was not expecting a latin beat at all! What’s more, the Spanish influence has gone beyond and he has used some Spanish words in the lyrics.

Overall, the beat is very catchy and danceable and the lyrics are mature. I bet many love how he is also singing and not only rapping.

B.A.P. has shown versatility in musical styles, pleasing fans from all over the World. I feel like Zelo has honored all the Spanish and Latin fans they have. Members have also presented themselves in Spanish pretty often, showing they earnest interest.

Some Babyz and Warriors cannot help wonder if this song will ever get a music video. Some were lucky enough to listen to this song live. He already performed this song at Climax Of “2017 World Tour ‘Party Baby’” in Seoul.

As a Spanish Baby, I cannot help but have this song on replay. What are your current thoughts? Do you also think he has rocked this style?

ZELO Howler


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